Integrating rclone Windows with third party API for the login

Is it possible to integrate RClone on Windows to have integrated with third-party API, to enable login?
Soon after the .EXE package gets installed on the Windows machine, the user should be prompted to log in.
The login credentials should be verified using an API request.

hello and weclome to the forum,

there is no install on windows, as rclone is a portable app.
you can write a script for the login credentials.

You can help with some example if you have. I am not able to find any online.

which third party api?

there are lots of ways.

one way
write a script in python to handle the api integration and compile that script into a .exe
then use 7zip to create a self-extracting .exe combining the python .exe and rclone.exe

other options
NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System)
Inno Setup.

Thank you for the inputs. I will try it out. I would like to keep this thread open.
If I face any issues and need any help, I will post it here.

I have written python script for authentication and converted into exe file, but i am not able to integrate it with rclone exe. I used 7zip it just zip the files into one exe file. when i try to run the zipped file it will extract both the files. I am not able to do with NSIS or Inno setup.

I want the following requirement , once the user install the rclone he must be prompted to login, which is handled by our API, only if login is succesful he must be able to sync the files to our AWS S3 bucket.

for sure, both nsis and inno setup can what you want.

you could join their user forums, sure someone can help you.

okay Thanks for the help

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