Infinite Plex Server on Windows

Hey guys,

I have an infinite plex server on ubuntu, but the computer that its on is causing me nothing but headaches.

Is there any way to do it on windows? I guess sonarr will have a fit if the files are moved away, and I cant mount a drive, or make a union?

Anyone have any ideas?

i use a vm to run it on windows works great :smiley:

Interesting. What kind of specs is your machine?

my laptop runs the vm at the moment cuz my main tower having some problems, but laptop has ssd 240GB i5 4 threads and 16gb of ram works ok not great but also helps when video does not need transcoded. also might idea if you use kodi with ftp to a vm with the mount being shared. idk tried it a little some worked better than others not ideal for slow speeds though.

I want to work out how to mount the drive in openelec and thats kodi sorted!

if you mean for rasbpi would not be ideal just given the experiences i have tested

I also have plex on a separate box, so I just need a pc to download and upload. I should really just do it in the cloud i guess

Nah I have a little NUC thing with openelec installed on it

if its not a i7 i would not even bother.
that’s just me though.
going to pm you a link that might help ya