Index of commmand flags

I loved the long list of flags that showed beneath commands on the site. I can find most commands here now but takes a lot longer to scroll through and find what you are looking for.

Any chance to get an index, or something like what used to show on the copy / sync pages?


I've got a pending fix for that which I've just pushed out.

On each command page there is now a link to which shows all the flags in one place!

I did that to try to reduce duplication and make the command pages not so intimidation.

See for more info.

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Thank you. I now have the flags page bookmarked. That's a great page in your dropdowns - don't know how I missed it.

Personally I loved the detail / duplication on your command pages. When just starting out it gave me something to scroll through to get a sense of the breadth of function in rclone. Later on it was always a handy place when I remembered there was a flag but couldn't clearly recall the syntax. :slightly_smiling_face: [[ Just my 2 cents ]]

In the end as long as we can easily find the flag info all is good.

Kind regards

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