Incorrect Content-type based on file extension for swift openstack storage


Have some problems with setting correct Content-type to storage object on move from machine on centOS 7.

My command is

rclone: Version “v1.42-056-g9c90b5e7β” finishing wit h parameters [“rclone” “move” “/usr/records/st-ot -default_1533044441540_4fa6bbd0-94c7-11e8-a9b1-4108482fa2db.mp4” “swift-1:other- type-server-video-records/default” “–config” “/root/.config/rclone/rclone.conf” “-vv”]

This puts the file .mp4 to storage, but storage returns it via public http request as “application/octet-stream” wich is looks like the default one. But I expect to see “videom/mp4” type which is common type for this file extension.

What the reason I have incorrect content-type on returning file? Thanks a lot.

upd: I found than Content-type for object realy sets to “application/octet-stream” on its creating by rclone’s operation, and not to video/mp4 as expected using file extension.

any ideas about question?

I’m guessing you created this issue: - I’ve replied there.