Inconsistent upload when using rclone move?

Let’s start with everything is working “well enough”… but I’m trying to eek out whatever performance I can get on my 10mbit server that is running rclone moves on a scheduled basis…

It’s uploading to gdrive as the destination, and here is the command being called:
rclone move /source GD:/dest -c --no-traverse --transfers=300 --checkers=300 --delete-after --min-age 14d --bwlimit 3M

Now, interestingly, it doesn’t seem to be respecting the 3M limit (it’s pretty much the only thing uploading and you can see the results in the below screenshot…

But the thing i’m most interested in is that it doesn’t seem to be a smooth upload, you can see the spikey nature of the file sending going on… granted there is a little bit of downloading happening in parallel, but other times when i’ve observed this i’ve noted the same thing… Any thoughts on how i might tweak the parameters or what might be going on to create such a spikey interval (note it’s only one file being uploaded, so it’s not like it’s pauses between files being moved)

Edit: just a thought… could it be the “averaging” going on for the 3M bw limit? i.e. it uploads at 7M for 30 seconds, then slows to 0 for 40 seconds to bring the avg to 3M? (or something like that)

Following up on my own post, I was correct in my edit assumption… the spiking was coming from the averaging for bandwidth limiting… removing the bwlimit I get a nice smooth graph.

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