Inconsistent stats?

Looking at the transfer statistics from an transfer to Amazon Drive, I am wondering how the transferred data can jump from 265 MB to 3.2 GB in just one minute…

 2017/11/29 22:55:06 INFO  :
Transferred:   265.713 MBytes (23.861 kBytes/s)
Errors:                 7
Checks:             17002
Transferred:           52
Elapsed time:   3h10m2.6s
 2017/11/29 22:56:05 INFO  :
Transferred:   3.248 GBytes (294.041 kBytes/s)
Errors:                 7
Checks:             26195
Transferred:           311
Elapsed time:   3h12m2.6s

Is this a UI bug? Or am I misinterpreting the stats?

As far as I know the /s value is actually a average and not real-time. So during the first report most time is spent doing 17000 checks and it only found 265 MB of new stuff to transfer. Then in the next minute it found a bunch of new stuff to upload. By the end it should average out and give you a reasonable estimate.

Something weird is going on! In 1 minute apparently 3 GB and 9,000 files got transferred! Have you got two rclone’s running at once maybe?

Note the elapsed time is 2 minutes different whereas the log times are 1 minute different.

Did the time change on your computer, or it get suspended or something like that?

Hm, how can I verify that? I have stopped rclone several time with Ctrl + C and restarted it. But I’m not consciously running several instances.

No, none of that. There is a very slight chance of a typo though because only the first log was copied and pasted, the second was typed based on a screenshot (which I don’t seem to have saved).

Check the process list,eg ps ax | grep rclone

Can you reproduce this problem BTW or was it a one off?

ps ax | grep rclone gives me

 9488 pts/1    Sl+    0:31 rclone copy ACD:Backup ACDde:Backup -v
 9719 pts/2    S+     0:00 grep --color=auto rclone

So I guess that means there is only one rclone running.

It’s difficult for me to reproduce anything at the moment as I’m struggling with Amazons inconsistent transfer rates, often slowing down to a halt (rclone stops printing to the log) so that I cancel the transfer and start it again (rclone copy ACD:Backup ACDde:Backup -v). At the moment I’m getting

2017/12/02 23:28:37 INFO  :
Transferred:   5.785 MBytes (16.343 kBytes/s)
Errors:                 3
Checks:             36930
Transferred:            5
Elapsed time:      6m2.4s


2017/12/02 23:33:37 INFO  :
Transferred:   5.785 MBytes (8.941 kBytes/s)
Errors:                 3
Checks:             36930
Transferred:            5
Elapsed time:     11m2.4s

Hmm, it appears to be working OK now!

My best guess is that you had two rclone’s running at one point.

Though if you do manage to reproduce the problem again, let me know!