--include-from still including a lot of hidden files

I set up --include-from to only backup my home directory’s main folders but rclone still includes a lot of hidden files on the backup. Can anybody help me set up include-from properly?

Thank you!

Can you paste the whole --include-from file please? Because I don’t think it should be transferring anything as written…

You want it to be

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Thank you for your feedback! Now my file looks as follows and seems to be working correctly. :slight_smile:

[orschiro@X230 bin]$ cat include-folders.txt 

Great :slight_smile: Note that you want the leading / to anchor the match to the root of the transfer otherwise rcone will be looking for bin directories anywhere in your filesystem.

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Thanks! Updated my include file. :slight_smile:

Now I just need a way to double check whether my system is truly and fully backed up to Google Drive…Hmm…

rclone check is what you need for that!

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Lovely! For now I am sorted, thank you. :slight_smile:

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