--include-from and root from command SOLVED

Despite https://github.com/ncw/rclone/issues/1620 I can’t get to grips with --include-from and the related file.

I want rclone to copy two folders and their content:

rclone_include.txt is


The command is

rclone copy /home/foo crypt:/ --include-from rclone_include.txt

I tried (i) slashes here and there, (ii) starting from root in the command (/) and giving the full path in rclone_include.txt.
Copying a single folder works (rclone copy /home/foo/bar/bas crypt:/) , moving rclone_inlcude.txt gives an error (so I assume the location is okay), --dry-run gives no output.

I use Linux, rclone v1.40.

Any suggestions? Thank you.

If I understood correctly what you want to do, I think it’s missing a slash (/) after foo (in source):

rclone copy /home/foo/ crypt:/ --include-from rclone_include.txt

That’s it!

I permutated slashes here and there, in the source and the extra file, but must have missed this combination. Thank you!