Include and exclude filter for upload

I using windows os and latest rclone. I have main folder lets say "N:\Image" and inside the main folder there is multiple subfolders and image files. i want to upload all image file except "main.jpg" and do not upload any subfolder.

what should I use I am confused.

rclone move "N:\Image"  "FTP:public_html\" --include "*.jpg" --exclude "preview.jpg" -vv


rclone move "N:\Image\*.jpg "  "FTP:public_html\"  --exclude "preview.jpg" -vv

as per the docs,
"Avoid mixing any two of --include..., --exclude... or --filter... flags in an rclone command. The results may not be what you expect. Instead use a --filter... flag."

that has a trailing space character and that is not correct format,
and in any event, that will not work, as cannot append filters to the the source dir

and for testing filtering,
best to use rclone ls, not something destructive as rclone move
and if you must test using rclone move, add --dry-run

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