In rclone web gui, the drive doesn't show the shortcuts, whereas RcloneBrowser does show

eg, xyz folder, when I right click and add the shortcut to my drive, that shortcut isn't accessible from web gui, it is pretty useful feature, this would save me from adding the team drives and I can directly access the folder from my drive instead of just navigating through team drives.

Can you make an example maybe with some screenshots and post an issue here?

  1. this is shortcut in drive

  2. this is same shortcut as seen and accessed via RcloneBrowser

  3. and this is empty web gui, it simply doesn't have the shortcut

this is a pretty handy feature as I don't have to configure the team drive and I can get away with just saving the shortcut rather than making an entire copy of it in my drive

That is odd. Can you post an issue at the web ui github link I posted above? Thanks :slight_smile:

thanks, before that I just need to confirm if this problem is caused by me not having set any user password yet

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