Improve rclone mount perfomance

Hello, I use a samba share to share a rclone mount with Windows 7. The listing and moving/renaming files can be a little slow sometimes.

I’ve been considering to add those flags and have some questions.


How much memory increase I should expect when using this flag? Can it’s behavior be better explained?


I assume this will speed up moving/renaming/copying files to it right?


The docs says this can speed things up a little, but how exactly will this impact file operations with files inside the mount? Will it change how software can interacts with files inside the mount?

–dir-cache-time 30s

To make changes in the webUI reflect faster on it, is it safe to use low times with google drive? Would setting it to 1s cause a too much high API usage/bans etc?


How does this impact perfomance? Can it be better explained ?

Most of the time I use this mount only to download files, perform moving/renaming operations. I just want faster listing of files and moving files around.

@ncw Can you explain a little more about the behavior of these flags on rclone mounts? Thanks for the software!

Well my mount did become faster with those changes, and so far the 30s directory time seems to have caused no issues.

Why not mount directly on Windows?