Im getting an error!

Yeah, my wording sucks as I read it back as I meant at the end of the remote name and the OP actually has the name of the remote being remote so using remote is going to be very confusing.

    "gcrypt": {
        "directory_name_encryption": "true",
        "filename_encryption": "standard",
        "password": "blah",
        "password2": "blah",
        "remote": "GD:crypt",
        "type": "crypt"

is mine for my test Google Drive.

how would i edit the file to be this

You don't edit files.


rclone config

and follow the prompts.

so would i remake the cyrpt file to be called
Gcrypt and follow al the info as the one above
also do i need to create any folder where and what name

The names you choose are really up to you and how you want to name things as it's all your choice.

I use GD for my Google Drive remote.
I use gcrypt for my Google Crypt remote.

I use DB for my Dropbox remote.

The remote names can be anything that works and help you out. I picked names that work for me.

if you are going to use root, then need to change service file

do i do this

what do you mean?

at this point, did you fix the remotes in the config file?
did you test both remotes using rclone lsd -vv?

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