Ignore existing files

I am not sure if its possible. Can rclone ignore existing files even if they are on a diferrent folder?

Perhaps you want --compare-dest?


When using sync, copy or move DIR is checked in addition to the destination for files. If a file identical to the source is found that file is NOT copied from source. This is useful to copy just files that have changed since the last backup.

You must use the same remote as the destination of the sync. The compare directory must not overlap the destination directory.

See --copy-dest and --backup-dir.

That will work for example if I have identical file named 1.txt on three differents folders with differents names?

No, that's if you have a full directory path with identical file names.

That flag is for incremental backups.

Rclone can dedupe files after you've uploaded them with rclone dedupe --by-hash

Yeah, I used dedupe before and its great, but I have a lot of identical files I dont want to upload cause its a lot of gb. I guess I have to check it one by one

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