If I Use --cache-dir On a Mounted Drive No Files are Committed

The command that I run to mount my Google drive as a Drive is “.\rclone.exe mount Google: Q: --vfs-cache-mode=writes --cache-dir=D:\RClone\cache” but when I do this, no files seem to stay on the drive. This vastly improves the speed, in my current state of not caching anything is very slow but it works. I can’t cache things to my C drive because it’s an SSD so I don’t want to do that many writes to it, plus it has no storage space left. I don’t know what to do, but it would be nice to be able to cache things considering the current transfer rate is 2MB/s. Any advice is much appreciated!

There are only kept for 1 hour by default and only if items are opened in write mode.

--vfs-cache-max-age duration         Max age of objects in the cache. (default 1h0m0s)

noted here:

--vfs-cache-mode writes
In this mode files opened for read only are still read directly from the remote, write only and read/write files are buffered to disk first.

This mode should support all normal file system operations.

If an upload fails it will be retried up to --low-level-retries times.

You can run the mount in debug and share the log as you should see all the info in there.

How would I run it in debug? And when I say that it’s not being committed just to clarify I mean it’s not being committed to the Google Drive, it claims to be moving the file over but once it completes the file isn’t on my Google Drive for some reason.

I use:

--log-level DEBUG --log-file /somedirectory/rclone.log

Without seeing any log files, it’s hard to guess what’s happening.

His logs look okay. Cannot share it publicly, but there are no errors at all. Only a lot of file opens from Windows Explorer.

However the mount works by using it simply with the default options (no VFS cache and stuff), but slowly. Like 2 MB/s on average with a stable network. Using VFS writes cache the copying itself is really fast obviously to the temp directory, but the upload in large files’ case is equal to a few kb/s only.

And if he manually tries to upload the files using rclone copy, the same slow speed can be seen, on an average 68 kb/s…

Of course he has his own API key and everything seems to be working except the speed is really slow.

rclone and WinFSP are both the latest releases.

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This is my friend btw he is helping me with getting this to work as I have been trying to use the Google Drive that I just started paying for for the last 48 hours

Would you still need the log to figure out what’s going on?

If you upload using a browser to Google drive, how’s your speed?

Without digging into some logs, it’s just guessing.