If I lost conf file how can I decrypt and move to local from Google Drive?


If I crypt file and lose conf file how can I decrypt and move or copy to local storage?

I saw someone said "If you make new conf as same password and salt you can use it same"

So I made remote as same password and salt (but not same name of remote) and typed

"rclone copy crypt:/ /local "

but it doesn't work...

Is my decrypting prcess wrong? or I should always use .conf file that used to crypt?

They were correct. It doesn't matter what the name of the remote is.

You have to create a new remote and use the same password and same salt that was used originally and the same encryption options. The name of the remote does not matter.

If you do that, you are fine. If something is wrong, you'd get an error. If you got an error and share what the error was, we can confirm for you if the passwords or salt is wrong based on the error.

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Thank you
should I use same Cliend ID and Client secret? it doesn't matter?

That doesn't matter. Just the salt and and password.

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Just to be certain, did you save the obfuscated or non-obfuscated password? Both will work to recover your data just fine but it may change how you enter it.

Where did you get the password? Is it one you set? Did you copy it from the config prompts? Or the config file (before it was lost)?

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