If i delete my remotes and start again to make new ones, will anything happen? I want to add encryption

gdrive, gcache, gcrypt. When there are already files been uploaded to google drive and config folder has been made

why would you delete your existing remotes and start over?

what command did you use to upload the files to google drive?

have you uploaded files to gcrypt?
if so, they might already by encrypted...

can do you a
rclone config dump and remove passwords and ids

well ive uploaded files to google drive and the names are there

the files in gdrive are not encrypted?
if so, why would you want to delete your config?

because i want to encrypt them. i only just started uploading

you never need to delete remotes, you can just create new remotes.
you can delete them but be 100% sure there is no risk

you can explain in more detail your situation?
what are you trying to do?

so you have files on your local computers and you to upload them to an encrypted remote?
if all the files are local, then just create a new crypted remote and upload them.

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