I want to enter account when mounting WebDAV on Windows10


I’m using Nextcloud on Windows10. I had trouble with Windows built-in WebDAV and I learned the existence of rclone. And we also share the PC and use it.

I don’t register user and password in rclone config beforehand and want to use them when I mount the drive. When I execute ‘rclone --vfs-cache-mode full --webdav-user NEXTCLOUD_USER --webdav-pass NEXTCLOUD_PASS’, I get an error if the password is too short to decrypt it.

How should I enter the password on the command prompt?


You need to run the password through rclone obscure first. I’m not a Windows scripting expert, but something like this should set the RCLONE_WEBDAV_PASS environment variable which will have the same effect as --webdav-pass

for /f %%i in ('rclone obscure MYPASSWORD') do set RCLONE_WEBDAV_PASS=%%i