I wanna donwload a folder from google drive sized around 2 tb using rclone but got stuck on setting up rclone

I'm a total newbie to rclone and just discovered it today, and I just saw that this is a good alternative to google takeout.

I'm having trouble setting the rclone; I'm not sure how to set it up with cmd.exe, and when I try pasting this command"cmd>C:\rclone-v1.51.0-windows-amd64" it keeps saying access is denied. But I'm sure I'm doing something wrong. (Running on Window 10 64 bit) I have been trying to find a tutorial but couldn't find any. Thanks in advance

Did you unpack the zip file? Inside you'll find rclone.exe which is what you want to run.

$ unzip -l build/rclone-v1.51.0-windows-amd64.zip 
Archive:  build/rclone-v1.51.0-windows-amd64.zip
  Length      Date    Time    Name
---------  ---------- -----   ----
        0  2020-02-01 10:57   rclone-v1.51.0-windows-amd64/
        0  2020-02-01 10:57   rclone-v1.51.0-windows-amd64/git-log.txt
   978946  2020-02-01 10:45   rclone-v1.51.0-windows-amd64/rclone.1
 34260480  2020-02-01 10:57   rclone-v1.51.0-windows-amd64/rclone.exe    <<<< run this one
  1066267  2020-02-01 10:45   rclone-v1.51.0-windows-amd64/README.html
   858764  2020-02-01 10:45   rclone-v1.51.0-windows-amd64/README.txt
---------                     -------
 37164457                     6 files

Yes but it just say this is a command line and I have to run cmd exe

So first unpack the zip, then run cmd.exe and from within that you can run rclone.exe. Does that work?

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