I saw a video about getting 10tb ram with rclone and gdrive and i dont know what they are talking about beacuse i dont understand script language and i dont know how to install it

Well im a noob and dont understand anything but i wanted to try to get more ram and impress my friends and anything helps thanks.

and he gave me a link to get 10tb ram How to (Kinda) Download More RAM

hello and welcome to the forum,

seems like an april fools joke, as from the weblink
"Google Drive does not support random reads/writes, so it can't actually work as swap space"

but if for some reason you want to test it, create a smaller swap drive, does not have to be 10TiB.

oh ok i dont know how to do that

sorry, not understanding what you need help with?
please describe in detail.

"Stop Lying To Me
Ok, fine. It's not really downloading more RAM"

Thats a fake! Read the end ... copy and paste it by using Google translate then you understand its just a stupid fake ... a joke ... the Blog is making a joke!

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