I need start a new command after google limit is reached

I have running a script where user 1 upload first then user 2, user 3. But if user 1 reaches the 750GB limit then the next commands does not execute.

Is anyway to do it?


You'd probably want a remote authenticated with each user I'd imagine and use that new remote name once a limit is reached.

Yes, but that is what i dont know how to do it

The same way you made the first remote, you just authenticate with a different user.


But that is not automatic.

There isn't any way to automatically authenticate a remote.

You create them before hand and you can switch the names once a user hits a quota if you have multiple users.

I have them created. But I cant loggout after an user hit the limit. I can close the window and open a new one
I want that proccess automatic

You make remote1.
You make remote2.

You use remote1 until it fills. You use remote2.

But that way I have to be on the computer opening the other remote

Once you make a remote and authenticate it, you are done and can use it.

You only use a browser one time when making a remote.

Have you done the process before?

Yes, but there is no stop after the limit is reached. I tried opening a few other ssh and starting all the users at the same time, but they upload the same file, and even if its a duplicate and not really upload them it counts on the limit.
I need something that tell the command stop.

Here is the flag to stop when you reach your upload limit:


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That was what I needed, thanks.

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