I need help to optimize my transfer speed (max speed) from PM Cloud to PC

I have been searching the web (Including this forum) for an hour and was not able to find an answer to my question. I am using rclone V.1.57 and the only settings I use are --vfs-cache-mode off --transfers=4 --fast-list. I am using rclone to browse and transfer (Download only) files from Premiumize.me cloud to my PC.
If I use a software like "internet download manager" or "JDownloader" I get a stable 64mb/s download from start to end of the download. But when using rclone the speed starts at around 30mb/s and varies going up till 50mb/s and sometimes as low as 15mb/s.
My question is: what settings can I use to get the max possioble speed from my connection? In both other softwares I have set them to open 8 connection to the site for each file. Can this be done with rclone?


hard to give good advice, as you did not answer the questions in the help and support template.
help us to help you and provide all the answers.


This doesn't work with rclone mount yet, only with rclone copy, but I think that is what @Sclone needs.

Thanks for your replies. Actually I use rclone browser and did all the setup from the browser. Have never used any commands directly (I enter commands in the browser settings section). So I am very ignorant on how rclone really works. That said it's doing the job perfectly fine and I connect with no problem to dropbox, gdrive and premiumize. Only problem is the low speed :frowning: here is the link to the browser : GitHub - kapitainsky/RcloneBrowser: Simple cross platform GUI for rclone. Supports macOS, GNU/Linux, BSD family and Windows.

can try increasing --transfers

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