I have no idea how to find errors using rclone check. It simply seems impossible (when a large number of files are intentionally missing)

Here’s the usage case:

I run rclone copy sourceremote1: destinationremote:
rclone check --checksum
everything fine.
rclone copy sourceremote2: destinationremote:
rclone check --checksum

2018/03/26 10:45:07 NOTICE: Google drive root ‘crypt2/126.M:’: 10628 files missing
2018/03/26 10:45:07 NOTICE: Google drive root ‘cleancrypt/126.M:’: 10633 differences found
2018/03/26 10:45:07 Failed to check: 10633 differences found

I have no idea what to do now, I need to find those 5 real errors, but I have no idea whatsoever how to find them.
I re-ran the check 3 times now:
then -v --exclude <“a big folder from sourceremote1>” which turned 26000ish missing files into 10628 missing files, and then again with

each time I ran this rclone check I had exactly 5 real errors. Presumably 5 real checksum fails. I need to know these filenames, so I can re-run the rclone copy command.

Any suggestions?

In the past I’ve run cryptcheck and in cryptcheck you can simply open vi and then do a keyword search for 503: or 400: or 404: or 500:
all of which are error codes that cryptcheck/googleclouddrive can return… but regular check --checksum? I have no idea how to search for those errors, they absolutely do not appear with 503 400 404 or 500.
Do I have to rerun this check --checksum as a cryptcheck --checksum instead? which will probably take 2or3 days instead of 2or3 hours?

If there isn’t already something I can do to solve this problem with a flag or a keyword search of my log file, then I suggest rclone check be upgraded to work this way. because as of right now it seems worthless in any case where you don’t want the source and destination to be exactly the same, but still want to verify transfers were all successful.

Now in theory I can just run rclone copy --checksum sourceremote2: destinationremote:
but sourceremote1 and sourceremote2 had some overlap, the error could’ve crept up at anytime, with only 5errors out of roughly 320,000 files I don’t want rclone to automatically overwrite any file. I just want to know those five filenames, so I can manually check which of the three potential versions of those files are the valid one.

What I’ll try now I suppose is rclone copy --checksum --dry-run -v --log-file sourceremote2: destinationremote:
of course, if this is required then rclone check needs to be improved, this -vv log of rclone check should contain all the information anyone who uses rclone check could ever want. Maybe I’m just searching the log for the wrong thing? maybe instead of a 503 error it says something different in the feedback that I could search for?

rclone copy --checksum --dry-run -v worked very quickly and very easily. It seems a shame though rclone check cannot perform a similar task with a flag.

I think what you want is this issue: https://github.com/ncw/rclone/issues/1526

That should be reasonably straight forward to do!