I have a problem with mount on windows

Hi guys,
someone can tell me how to fix this problem.

It seems you have unencrypted files mixed with a crypted remote.

The fix would be to move out the unecrypted files.

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I'm still waiting and nothing

Winfsp is running right ?

What is the problem? You aren't seeing a drive letter come up?

You can add "--allow-other" if you aren't seeing it.


is the syntax of the mount command correct? because I am still waiting and I have no response

  1. for the cmd window, are you running with administrator privileges like so

  2. try to open another cmd window and type dir i:
    what happens?


  1. are you running the cmd windows as administrator or not, cannot tell from your snippet?
  2. i cannot see the output of the command, can you share the output of the command?
  3. did you add the flag --allow-other ?

thank you already