I cant acess web GUI

When i acess the web GUI, i cant insert a name to config.

"Sad! That name is already assigned or empty"

In cmd, i receive a information about "enter configuration password" and then i insert my password, but "ERROR: Couldnt decrypt configuration, most likely wrong password"

hello and welcome to the forum,
when you posted, you should have been asked for some basic information.

can you supply that info?

I think I have sucess now.

I have a transfer between a folder that a friend share with me in Google Drive and my own Google Drive. Running like charm a 5.36 MBPS.

But I have one question, if you allow me.

How can i use the "check" to see if all files are coppied, with WEB GUI?

good, that you have success

sorry, i do not use the gui,
but if you run the same command again, and if no files are transferred, then that would imply the transfer was successful.

i use the command line and rclone check to ensure all files were copied.

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