I can mount rclone crypt folder, but cannot share via samba

I posted in a Reddit thread to receive feedback,but I haven’t received much. I use an Odroid XU4 with openmediavault installed to serve media to my Plex media server. I decided to put rclone on it and put some of my files in the cloud to see how well it would work (encrypted). I can mount the crypt via the command line, and I’ve set up the share in openmediavault, but nothing can access it outside of the command line. I even double check the samba conf file to ensure that the path is correct, and there are no issues. Is there some kind of permission I could change to fix this?

Reddit thread

Try with --allow-other option.

You are a lifesaver. I should’ve posted sooner. It would’ve saved a ton of time!!

Since it is mounted, if I copy files over, will it encrypt them automatically, or do I still need to rclone copy or sync them over?

It will encrypt automatically :relaxed: