I am uploading files from hardrive to Cloud. But they are being uploaded by alphabetical order. Is there a way to change that to date created

Because im worried if rclone will upload files that are not completed. Or is it programmed to only MOVE completed files. I am using move function because low on space

You can always make a list and upload them how you see fit.

If a file is in use, it will be skipped and not uploaded.

Best to use the question template for a question as it has a bunch of items to help answer a question.

What do you mean by make a list?

You can use whatever methodology you'd like and use a list of files to pass to rclone to upload using files-from:


The best way to solve this is to try the latest beta and then use the--order-by modtime flag or --order-by modtime,desc depending on whether you want newest or oldest first - see the docs here: https://tip.rclone.org/docs/#order-by-string

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