Hello everyone,
I am Pavan Joshi ,a CSE undergradudate and I am looking forward for participating in GSOC2020 for a project of extented UI for rclone.
I have been working with CCEXTRACTOR since a good time and willing to serve RCLONE in upcoming gsoc under CCEXTRACTOR..
As suggested by carlos to ask @ncw would like to know the mentor of these project for sharing my approach toward these,what organization expects to be achieved as a output from these project ,and some qualification task (if any ) that i must do at starting level

@negative0 would you like to comment on this?

Hey @pavanjoshi914, you should start by looking at the code base on the rclone backend and the rclone-webui-react repositories.
You need to have sound understanding of Go Lang and Web Development (especially React JS) so you could start there.
As for the qualification tasks, start by looking at the issues on the rclone and rclone-webui-react repository. You could also create new issues and work on them.