HowTo? Access encrypted content across providers?

How to read provider2s data using the very same encryption rclone used at provider1?

See the solution by Animosity022:
Use the very same encryption settings
- file- (and folder-)name encryption (yes/no)
- file content encryption (yes/no, in advanced config)
- password
- salt
in rclone config

The command you were trying to run (eg rclone copy /tmp remote:tmp)

- upload:
  rclone sync S:\tst pcloud-enc:\tst

- download test folder from pCloud WebUI, upload it to Koofr WebUI

- rclone mount koofr-enc:/tst K:\ --vfs-cache-mode full

Why would I want that?
My home upload is 32 Mbps but I have a VPS with 300/300 Mbps connection, so mirroring my primary CSP to my backup CSP using this VPS seems a good idea.
As this VPS is deemed to be untrusted I don't want to reveal rclone encryption secrets to it but just mirror the plain files/folders.

That's all you need to do. If you use the same crypt setup/password/keys, it works as doesn't matter if it's the same or a different provider.

There's no error in the logs indicating any issues.

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Just recreated both targets again and you're right. I am sorry for the trouble.

Thank you.

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