How to use rclone sync for beginners?

So, Sonarr downloaded a two part episode as one episode for me but for it to be properly recognised, I need to change the name of the file. I’ve changed it through the Google Drive website but I can’t figure out how to use rclone sync to update the directory and have Sonarr recognise the change.

Currently, to navigate to my rclone directory, I do:

cd /mnt/Gdrive

though I also have plexdrive set up at:

cd /mnt/Plexdrive

and my Sonarr is using:

cd /home/Plex

I know I’m supposed to use:

rclone sync source:path dest:path [flags]

but I have no idea how to actually use it. I’ve tried:

rclone sync source:Gdrive dest:/mnt/Gdrive

but that doesn’t seem to work.

Have you got your drive mounted already in /mnt/Gdrive and the contents is out of date? Send a SIGHUP to the rclone mount or stop it and start it again and it should be OK.