How to use check and cryptcheck with chunker+ crypt remotes

Hey folks, I just setup a B2 backup remote with the configuration:

Chunker -> Crypt -> B2

I was wondering what the correct way is to check the integrity of the stored data?
I know check is supposed to work for most remotes, but I read on the wiki cryptcheck is supposed to be used for crypt remotes. So... What about when I access through the top chunker layer. Do I use check, cryptcheck, something else?


If you want do do a full end to end test then use rclone check --download - that will download all the data and check the checksums which works for any backend whether they support checksums or not.

Depending on exactly how you've set up chunker, it may be storing checksums for you so rclone check may work just fine.

I don't think you can use rclone cryptcheck if it isn't the top remote. So if you want to use rclone cryptcheck you might need to wrap them the other way round Crypt -> Chunker -> B2.

Anyway try rclone check first - it will tell you about missing files and if checksums aren't working it will tell you.

Its seems that for how I have it set up, hashes arent possible (It clearly states so).

Bummer. But I did some testing and seems to be working well enough. Thanks!

rclone check --download will always work, so you could do a bit of checking like that to get some confidence.

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