How to update the cloud changes instant on mounted drive / folder?


it is possible to make mounted storage on ubuntu server to update changes on google drive instantly?

For example: I create new folder on google drive using my browser, the new folder not directly appearing on ubuntu mounted folder, it need a white to show the changes.

Thanks in advance.


can you use the help and support template, instead of off topic template
and post the requested information.

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Okay, i just use off-topic to avoiding list the require info like my version of rclone and os i used ... etc

The problem is all those things matter in answering your question.

It depends on the version you are running.
It depends on the settings you are using on your mount.

If you use the template, we can legit answer a question without any follow ups as we have all the details we need.

Okay, i found what i need. Its --dir-cache-time flag.

That may or may not be it as without knowing what cloud vendor (info in the template), you might have the wrong flag and your mount command.

Most of the backends are polling remotes and you'd use --poll-interval as making a dir-cache time change would make things much slower and worse overall.

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