How to turn off diffing (copy all files each time)

I haven't found any way in the list of global flags to turn off all file change detection (mod times, checksums, etc) and copy all files every time. I specifically want to use sync because i still want files on the destination to be deleted if not on the source.

I need to do this for now because the CDN i'm using ( seems to have a weird FTP implementation in which mod times cannot be updated, causing copy/sync to not send new versions of files over. They also don't support the s3 protocol for now, so checksums don't work.

If anyone has CDN recommendations that work well with rclone i'm all ears as well...thanks.

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might try --ignore-times

Yep that did it, thank you. And after testing it, i can see it takes way too long, so maybe i'll look for an alternative.

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