How to transfer files from Mega to Google drive using rclone on VPS?

I have about 2.5 TB of data on Mega . I want it to transfer it to google drive for additonal security.

How to do it using rclone on VPS ?

Which VPS to use ?

Explain me like a noob as I have never used Linux or even VPS .

2,5Tb isn't that much if you have a good connection, but do you consider that too much for your network to handle? A Gdrive can ingest 750GB/day, so it should be transferable within a week given enough bandwidth.

If you need an external server with more bandwidth then any server or VPS will work for this really... assuming you have the basic permissions to run your own software on it like rclone. you just setup rclone with those 2 remotes and copy as normal. That's the gist of it. I know a lot of people often use google compute micros for transferring huge collections of data. This has a pretty trivial cost to it - especially since any bandwidth inside of the google network is free (making it especially nice for google-to-google transfers)

I am of course assuming this whole time that you have used rclone before. If not then your first order of business is probably to install it, read the documentation and then set up the 2 remotes before you get into the whole VPS part of this, because you can do this part right now without any investment.

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