How to to make mounted Cloud folder writable in Synology?

I follow the tutorials and have this sh run. Now, I can only read files from the Cloud, I can copy/create new files in this mounted folder. How can I do that please?
My current .sh file
#!/bin/bash -x

Make script executable with: chmod 755 /volume1/homes/vinnft/rclone/scripts/

/usr/bin/rclone mount -v OneDrive: /volume1/homes/vinnft/OneDrive — allow-other — allow-non-empty — dir-cache-time 672h — vfs-cache-max-age 675h — vfs-read-chunk-size 64M — vfs-read-chunk-size-limit 1G — buffer-size 32M &

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best to test without & as you cannot see the output
and if you did that, the output would show would know to use --vfs-cache-mode

I removed "&" and still cannot see the output in logs

use debug output on the command line or use a log file.

You meantioned about "--vfs-cache-mode". I don't think you understand me, I thought --vfs-cache-mode is only used for cache the files from the remote cloud? I want to create/edit files directly on the mounted folder via DSM Synology console.

then go ahead, try that.

I could not
how to write to the mount. The system won't let me write to gdrive

? anyone know about this issue

I used to use rclone on my Nas, (but afraid I do not use it anymore.)

But when I did, I remember that I could never copy files to the mount using the DSM File manager.

I think you will need to find another way to copy the files

that is a known issue with synology, has been discussed in the forum more than once.

workarounds might be:
--- run rclone mount inside docker
--- using rclone serve webdav and have DSM connect to that.

that exact issue has been discussed in the forum

workarounds might be:
--- using rclone serve webdav and have DSM connect to that.
--- run rclone mount inside docker

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