How to sync without losing data

I have 2 computers that i want to sync with OneDrive using rclone. Assume that I created file A on pc1, file B on pc2 and then synchronized both to onedrive (now onedrive has A and B). See:

pc1 | pc2 | drive
A | B | A B

Now when i create file C and delete file A while offline on pc1. (see below)

pc1 | pc2 | drive
C | B | A B

how do i sync it without losing data (i want both pc1 and server to have B and C)?
how to make:

pc1 | pc2 | drive
B C | B | B C

Note: If i sync server to pc1 file B will be lost. If i sync pc1 to server changes on pc1 are lost.

Rclone doesn’t do two way sync which is essentially what you are asking for.

You can use the copy verb instead of sync. This will never delete data. It isn’t a perfect solution though as deletes won’t propagate, but you won’t lose data.

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