How to sync to a crypt remote

Hey, first of all thanks to you for putting the efforts into this great tool!

What is the problem you are having?
I am trying to setup an efficient backup of a local directory to a crypted remote with SFTP storage on the other end.

Encrypted full-backups are quite easy to create:
rclone -vv copy cryptremote:backup/ /path/src/

However, since there won't be many huge changes in the source directory, it would be a lot better if only the changes could be applied to the crypt-remote.

I couldn't figure out if/how this is possible as the comparison done when using sync is problematic when the destination is encrypted ...

This Github issue from 2019 tries to solve that issue, as far as I can tell:

Unfortunately I'm not sure how far this made it and if using sync and crypt simultaneously with rsync is even realistic?

hello and welcome to the forum,

that command would copy files from cryptremote:backup to local
if the goal is to backup from local to cryptremote:backup then
rclone -vv copy /path/src/ cryptremote:backup/

and for a full backup, might want rclone sync.

if a file has not changed, rclone will not re-copy it.

rclone uses modtime to compare

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Hey, asdffdsa. Thank you very much for your response!
I messed up the first command, you're right of course.

As for the second part: Is the modtime existent on the encrypted files on crypt-remote, too?

EDIT: Just tested it out, and I'm not sure how, but the original modtime of the files is transfered properly, it's not using e.g the time of upload or similar ...

sftp supports modtime.

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Ah, okay. Makes sense, but do all rcloud-supported remotes support modtime?
If not imho not all would support encrypted sync, right?

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I see ... So to cap things up, using sync + encryption is not a problem. In this case modtime is the (only) parameter used to compare versions. Fortunately most* storage providers support this.

Thank you very much for helping!

that is how i understand it.

--- tho during the actual file transfer, rclone can use checkums.
--- cryptcheck does a compare using checksums.

and that can be seen in the rclone debug log

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