How to stop rc?

I have a rclone mount that starts rc:

rclone mount --rc -.......

After running, if I unmount using fusermount and then try to mount again I get a rc already started error so I have to edit my mount command to remove the rc argument.

Is there a way to run a command to do this that I can add to my unmount script?


Do you have more than 1 mount running? You need to run it on a different port.

There is nothing additional you need to run other than the fusermount command.

This is where I get confused with rc as I don’t use it yet for anything other than to populate my dir-cache.

So, instead of:

rclone mount --rc .......

I should do:

rclone mount --rc --rc-addr=locahost:port_not_5572.....

and then when I remount I won’t have problems? So, the mount defaults to 5572??


Yep. Each “rc” instance needs its own port to work. If you don’t change the port, it defaults to:

IPaddress:Port or :Port to bind server to. (default “localhost:5572”)

You can make the second instance 5573 or something.

Can you start rc by itself so it’s not stopped when I unmount, as that would probably do the trick i.e.

rclone --rc

rclone mount --allow-other --buffer-size 512M......

rclone rc --timeout=1h vfs/refresh recursive=true

Do I even need the first rclone --rc ??

Think of it like this.

You have a TV and a remote control for the TV. They go together.

You can’t a remote that controls nothing so the mount and rc go together like the TV and the remote.

You really don’t need the rc/refresh as it’s just extra and not really needed imo. I only use it as I can. I’ve ran without it for many months prior and it really doesn’t add too much value in the overall equation.

It does provide other RC commands that may or may not be useful.

You can also get rc to choose its own port like this - it will choose a random unused port then print it out.

$ rclone rcd --rc-addr localhost:0
2018/12/19 16:09:44 NOTICE: Serving remote control on

This may/may not be useful though!

Thanks all. I think I’m just going to remove rc until I find a real need for it