How to send filter filte to server side through rcd (API) mode control

I used rcd mode to sync file ,and i need add more filter pattern,so i write a include file on my pc.
but how to make server use this filter file?
maybe the filter pattern is great many,so can't use like "ExcludeFile" or others

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You can get and set the global filter options.

NB at the moment there is only one set of filter options - this is something I'm in the process of changing.

Yes,I found this api,there are many parameter(use filter content or use filter file and some else)
"filter": {
"DeleteExcluded": false,
"FilterRule": null,
"FilterFrom": null,
"ExcludeRule": null,
"ExcludeFrom": null,
"ExcludeFile": "",
"IncludeRule": null,
"IncludeFrom": null,
"FilesFrom": null,
"FilesFromRaw": null,
"MinAge": 9223372036854775807,
"MaxAge": 9223372036854775807,
"MinSize": -1,
"MaxSize": -1,
"IgnoreCase": false
If the filter file on one PC,but RCD serve on another PC,and the filter file will change by user bussiness,cause i can't copy it to server。so should i use the filter by content?

as you say, “at the moment there is only one set of filter options” 。I think user may excute a lot of file operation task,but one set of filter overall limited the case。

I'm not sure I understand you here.

I am fixing this at the moment. I expect the fix to be part of 1.54

I'm chinese,sorry for my poorly english.Thank for your greate patience.
The first item,i means that the operation task running on the server(one PC),but i use the webui on another pc chrome browser,i create a lot of filter file for lot operation task。i send the this file path to server,but the path(file) can't find on server 。i don‘t how to do。
Another question,i‘can't start many operation task(different folder or file type) at the same time,because filter pattern just match start at the current operation folder.

No problems! My chinese is Google Translate so I'm sure it is worse than your English :slight_smile:

Do you have a log message? Or an error message for this? If you can show a log message it would be helpful.

That is correct.

As part of this issue I will fix this.

the question is ,the file "G://filter.txt" on user PC,but the api serve on another computer.
user need modify this "filter.txt" on user PC.Is there a better way to thansfer this file or content to api server?

Instead of using --include-from you can add each line in the file as a `--include. Something like this

"input" : {
  "Include" :{
    "line 1 of the file",
    "line 2 of the file",
    "line 3 of the file"

Then you won't need to reference a file on the rc server.

In api mode,there just has “IncludeRule”,it just suitable for one rule

sorry maybe i missunderstand the doc ,like “ Add a single exclude rule with --exclude .” :rofl:
I test it support multiple rule。
Is there a limit (line,or length?)

Yes you can add as many as you like!

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