How to require password to restore crypt remotes?

I have a remote setup using crypt. When I do rclone copy my_crypt: C:/Users/me/Desktop, rclone restores all of my files unencrypted without prompting me for a password. Yet when I login to the remote that the crypt points to, all of my files are encrypted.

Does rclone store my encryption password somewhere? If so, how can I force it to prompt me for my password and salt every single time that I try to restore or backup my data?

Yes in the config file. It is obfuscated so not immediately visible.

You can’t do that, but what you can do is encrypt the config file

Thanks for your reply!

Somewhat tangential, is there a way to confirm that the encryption password and salt that I have in my possession is indeed the correct one for my crypt remote? I.E. make 100% sure that if I were to lose my computer, I can recover my data with the password and salt that I have.

Running cryptchceck should do that.