How to reduce memory usage with rclone?

Now, I intend to run rclone on my router, but I find its memory consumption to be excessively high, currently exceeding 50 MB. Are there any approaches to drastically reduce rclone's memory usage, potentially lowering it to a range of 5-10 MB? Your assistance in this matter would be immensely appreciated.

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Search forum as this topic was covered multiple times.

To keep memory usage low you will have to only use it for some simple and limited operations. But if your limit is so low then maybe this is not the right place to run rclone... I think its baseline might be higher than what you aim for.

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what is the make and model of the router. how much free memory is there. what is the OS, openwrt or what?
in the past, i have run rclone in 64MiB on
and have run rclone mount in 128MiB on
might try

export GOGC=20
rclone command source: dest: --transfers=1 --checkers=1 --buffer-size=0 --disable=ListR --use-mmap

and reduce the size of the chunks.