How to purge cache?

What is a commandline to purge the rclone cache completely?

You can run it with --cache-db-purge which will purge the cache db and the chunks when it starts up.

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How do I purge without starting any mount? e.g. rclone purge cache:test will do? Will that not interfere in any of my future mounts?

Do not do that! It will delete all the data under cache:test!

You don’t have to run a mount though you can run rclone --cache-db-purge lsd cache:test if you want…

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Wait, isn’t cache:test insignificant? I mean it doesn’t store my actual files.

Assuming you have your config set up how I think. cache:test will point to remote:test. where remote is some cloud provider. If you purge cache:test then it will end up purging remote:test which I guess you don’t want to do!

Omg, that’s crazy. You should put a RED bold warning letter on top of your cache page about this. I almost purge it thinking it won’t hurt my files coz I always mount --read-only anyway.

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agree :slight_smile: a warning would be great before someone runs rclone purge cache: instead of rclone --cache–db-purge :smiley:

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