How to preview sync changes and commit them?


I would like to preview the sync changes, but there is no obvious way to do it. If I run:

rclone sync -n A B

It will print me the files that would have changed at the given moment, but it's not capable of committing the changes it shows. What I would like is something like the lfs for sync. So that I could do:

rclone sync -n --changes changes.txt A B (pseudo flag --changes)

Then I preview the changes.txt, and "commit" them manually:

rclone sync --from-file changes.txt A B

You may ask why not just run rclone sync -n A B and then just rclone sync A B, it's not the same thing, it's not guarenteed to be the same changes I saw in the dry-run.


You can use --dry-run

Will it create changes.txt?

You can use --log-file somelog.txt to put it into a file.

And how do I commit the changes in the log file?

rclone doesn't work like github where you can commit changes are it's not a repository tool.

If you want, you can build a set of files via the log file with a little scripting and use a copy command with files-from with that as a source for it if you really want to run something and sync it later.

Yes, but this is a new feature, and I think it's reasonable feature if it's not supported.

After all lfs already does the files-from scripts, so just new option for the sync: create from-file usable file.

I've updated my proposal with a flag --changes

If it's a feature request, use github to log/track the issue and talk to it there as it's confusing to be in both spots.

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