How to mount second drive, inside currently mounted folder?

Please tell me if it's possible to mount remote storage like below:

First remote storage is now mounted on folder: "/mnt/remote-1/"

So, it's now possible to mount second remote storage inside already mounted folder like "/mnt/remote-1/second-remote/"?

It's important for me that it's mount structured like above. I use two buckets.

Thanks for any help.

for mounting a macFUSE has the option allow_recursion

By default, macFUSE does not allow you to mount a macFUSE volume on a directory that itself resides on a macFUSE volume. Such recursion can create interesting unmount-time issues in some cases. Unlike most other macFUSE restrictions, this is a "soft" check that's done only by the mount program. allow_recursion disables this restriction.

if the restriction exists on linux there is probably a libfuse equivalent flag

however I recommend seeing if rclone combine can achieve the desired structure

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