How to mount Putio directory or folder as local folder?

What is the problem you are having with rclone?

Hello rclone team,

I have a little problem as I'm kind of new doing this, I have rclone up and running and created a remote but somehow in cannot manage to mount any folder from my remote (Putio) to a local directory (created before).

Could someone spare some time showing me the proper procedure, I've read and typed command lines presented on website as well as on but nothing seems to work.

Thanks in advance

What is your rclone version (output from rclone version)


Which OS you are using and how many bits (eg Windows 7, 64 bit)

OSX Catalina 10.15.1

Which cloud storage system are you using? (eg Google Drive)


The command you were trying to run (eg rclone copy /tmp remote:tmp)

rclone mount remote:path/to/files /path/to/local/mount --daemon

A log from the command with the -vv flag (eg output from rclone -vv copy /tmp remote:tmp)

Failed to create file system for "remote:path/to/files": didn't find section in config file

Is this a literal copypaste of the command?
Because if so, then "remote" should be replaced with whatever you actually named the remote during the rclone config process.

But so should both the paths obviously, so If your example is generalized it would help if you could post the exact command instead.

The error you have generally indicates that the remote-name you are trying to access does not exist (in rclone.conf), so therefore this seems like the most likely error.

If in doubt - post your rclone.conf file (but redact any sensitive info like clientID, clientSecret, token and cryptkeys).

Hello, I realized I should have put the right command and not just copypaste the example, here is the exact command

rclone mount cloudmovies:/Movies/ /Macintosh HD/users/myname/putio-local/Movies/mount --daemon

And here is what I get

rclone mount remote:path /path/to/mountpoint [flags]

I'm not sure if the paths from the remote directory and/or the local are right, here is the rclone config

rclone config
Current remotes:

Name Type
==== ====
cloudmovies putio

e) Edit existing remote
n) New remote
d) Delete remote
r) Rename remote
c) Copy remote
s) Set configuration password
q) Quit config
e/n/d/r/c/s/q> e
Choose a number from below, or type in an existing value
1 > cloudmovies
remote> 1

type = putio
token =

Edit remote
** See help for putio backend at: **

type = putio
token =

y) Yes this is OK
e) Edit this remote
d) Delete this remote
y/e/d> y
Remote config
Already have a token - refresh?
y) Yes
n) No
y/n> n
Current remotes:

Name Type
==== ====
cloudmovies putio

e) Edit existing remote
n) New remote
d) Delete remote
r) Rename remote
c) Copy remote
s) Set configuration password
q) Quit config
e/n/d/r/c/s/q> q

And here is the list of folders I'm trying to mount

rclone lsd cloudmovies:
-1 2019-12-01 00:48:37 -1 Animations
-1 2019-03-05 08:43:15 -1 Applications
-1 2019-03-05 08:43:15 -1 Books
-1 2019-03-05 08:43:16 -1 Chiron Family
-1 2019-03-05 08:43:15 -1 Concert
-1 2019-03-05 08:43:16 -1 Documentaries
-1 2019-08-27 15:54:50 -1 French Movies
-1 2019-10-13 18:12:35 -1 Gilles et Rubi
-1 2019-12-01 17:17:10 -1 Movies
-1 2019-03-05 08:43:15 -1 Music
-1 2019-11-18 14:19:32 -1 Pour Ratio-YGG
-1 2019-11-30 22:10:58 -1 Séries TV
-1 2019-11-22 07:41:36 -1 TV Shows
-1 2019-11-22 14:43:28 -1
-1 2019-03-05 08:43:16 -1 squire

The local folder where I'm trying to mount the folders is (for example for the remote folder : Movies)

I hope my post is clear enough

Thanks :slight_smile:

If your path has spaces in then you'll need to put it in "" so...

rclone mount cloudmovies:/Movies/ "/Macintosh HD/users/myname/putio-local/Movies/mount" --daemon

Thanks for your reply, I did input this command

rclone mount cloudmovies:/Movies/ "/Macintosh HD/users/timeafrancois/putio-local/Movies/mount" --daemon

And got this in return

2019/12/03 12:35:17 Fatal error: Can not open: /Macintosh HD/users/timeafrancois/putio-local/Movies/mount: open /Macintosh HD/users/timeafrancois/putio-local/Movies/mount: no such file or directory

I also used

rclone mount cloudmovies:/Movies/ /MacintoshHD/timeafrancois/myname/putio-local/Movies/mount --daemon

And got this

2019/12/03 12:41:36 Fatal error: Can not open: /MacintoshHD/timeafrancois/myname/putio-local/Movies/mount: open /MacintoshHD/timeafrancois/myname/putio-local/Movies/mount: no such file or directory

When I configured my remote I used these commands after installing rclone

rclone config create putio putio


mkdir ~/putio-local

Then I decided to rename the remote to cloudmovies
Did I do it right?
Then I couldn't get anything right with mounting any folders

Thanks :slight_smile:

Try this

rclone mount cloudmovies:/Movies/ ~/putio-local  --daemon

If you want to mount it on subfolders of ~/putio-local you'll have to create them first with mkdir.

Thank you very mich, it worked, thanks for your : donation
Have a good day :slight_smile:

Again thanks, works perfectly.
One more question, the remote files will be accessible if I want to use Plex for example? Is there a Sync to be done (with a command)?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

A mount can make cloud-files accessible for any application - as they just think it's a normal harddrive or network location. So yes - you can use Plex. It is a common usecase here.
Applications reading from a mount is easy and will work out of the box on a mount.
If you want applications to write data too, this may require using --vfs-cache-mode writes as this is required for compatibility with more complex writing operations that the OS and applications would normally expect a normal hard-drive to be able to perform.

Just be aware that there are some technical caveats to running Plex from a cloud-drive instead of a local disk. it can work fine - but some Plex settings (like most of the extended metadata scanning) ought to be disabled from running automatically. A lot of these need to actually read parts of each file for the analysis, and some of them will even read the whole file. That's not a great idea to do often/automatically on a large collection over the internet.

This megathread contains a lot of rclone/Plex combo information you may find useful, however do note that not everything will be applicable to you as this is a in-depth guide for a spesific and more advanced setup That Animosity uses. I would focus on the details regarding how to config Plex:

Of course!
rclone sync /local/path remotename:/path
Here is an overview of all the rest of the core commands:
You will find extensive documentation of all features on that same site.

I think you will probably also find this flag useful for your use-case:
It makes it so that you won't have to re-upload everything just because you moved some directories around or gave new names to files. Instead it will just move/rename them on the server and save you most of the work.

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