How to mount my "Backup" remote drive?

I encrypted my files and sent them on their way to google drive (Drive A)
I have then synced my google drive to another google drive (Drive B)

If I want to mount Drive B, so I need to set up all the crypts again? For Drive B this time?
Can I copy them over in the rclone.config (scared to manually mess with it incase its going to go sideways on me.)?

How are you guys doing it?

If you already synced files on both A and B, then the config for B should be already set up.

I am not syncing between two GDrive, but between DropBox and Amazon and of course both are setup in the config file.

You can copy the config from one machine to another, entirely or just some section, even across different OS… it works.

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Sussed it.

I manually edited rclone.config and copied the crypt settings with a different drive.

Works fine :slight_smile:

Good thinking! That is what I would have done.

I do this all the time here and it works great, haven’t given me any trouble so far.

You can rename things and everything!