How to limit requests? (ex: does using --stats-one-line -P --stats 5s generates requests on the server side?)

I have this command which I use to transfert data to a S3 deep glacier:
rclone sync "D:\heavy folder" "aws":"heavy folder" --log-file %logpath%" --log-level INFO --delete-after --copy-links --stats-one-line -P --stats 5s

Because on S3 deep glacier, storage cost is very low but request are expensive, I am trying to reduce the number of requests. I am already sending my heavy folder in small chuncks to reduce the number of list/get requests each time I restart the sync (the full sync will takes many weeks and I need to switch off my computer daily).

But I wonder if there is other things I can do to reduce my number of requests.
So I wonder: does displaying the stats with --stats-one-line -P --stats 5s will generate requests or are they calculated locally?

And what about using a log-file?

Any other tips?

Thanks a lot!

I think I answered this in the other thread, but in summary --fast-list and --size-only.

They are calculated locally and a log file won't affect the number of requests.

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Thanks a lot! That's exactly the information I was looking for.

I looked into --fast-list in the documentation and it's written to use only --fast-list if you can fit your entire sync listing into memory. I search in the forum but I only saw some mentions but not confirmation so my question is: is this memory the RAM of my computer (in this case, if my RAM is 16gb and my sync is 24GB then I will not work)?

For those who want to understand what --fast-list and --size-only do:
--fast-list and --size-only: and

No, it's just the file and directory structure that is kept in memory so you should be fine.

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