How to know when "rclone copy" is finsihed

I try to use the “rclone copy” function, and this is the command I typed in: rclone copy ssh:xxx/xxx “google drive:” I pressed enter and waited for a long while, and nothing showed up in my terminal. I checked my google drive and it did uploaded some files but the file size is pretty big and has many folders so I don’t know If I have them all finished uploading. How do I know if it completed copying my files to google drive? During the process of this, I cannot close the terminal or shut down my PC, right?

You can stop rclone and it will restart from where it left off.

If you want to see more info, use the -v flag, then rclone will show you what files it is transferring and show stats.

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Also consider using --stats=5s instead of the default 60 second refreshes.

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I shut it down and reopened it. Do I have to paste the same “rclone copy commands”? how does the -v flag work?

Should I type in:
rclone copy ssh:xxx “google drive:” -v

or how do I use the -v flag?



another quick question. sorry if I want to see if my previous transfer is 100% completed, what command should I take? Should I type in the same rclone copy command and -v?


That is fine!

If you use -v rclone will print a little summary at the end.