How to keep track of renames between non crypt and crypt remote

I've decided to encrypt my remotes, but I will still have one uncrypted that I'll use the web interface to move stuff, rename, etc

And I want to mirror this to the crypt backend without reuploading the data just because i moved/renamed it possible ?

Your cloud provider won't encrypt the data for you when moving from unencrypted to encypted, so you'd have to download and upload. Rclone can do this in a streaming way, but it will still use bandwidth.

You could rent a VPS. It’ll still use upload and download but will be a much faster connection

I have a workflow that's similar to what you describe. First like ncw pointed out you'll need to re-upload the encrypted data but once you have it all uploaded, and the unencrypted and encrypted remotes mirrors of each other you could use the --track-renames
--track-renames-strategy=modtime. I have been using it and it has been working fine so far (I sync my unencrypted drive to an encrypted one on a different domain). In my case I don't really change anything on the encrypted remote other than when I perform the sync so the modtime strategy works fine. One thing to keep in mind is that since it doesn't use checksums sometimes it will miss the rename and trigger and upload of files but so far that scenario has been minimal. So when I perform the sync new files I have added on the unencrypted side get uploaded and anything I have renamed or move to a different folder gets picked up by the --track-renames flags and gets moved/renamed server-side. Hope this helps.


This is what I wanted... thanks

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