how to increase uploading speed in rclone browser?

I am using rclone browser to upload some files but I am not getting a good speed of uploading which is expected by rclone as I have heard also I have a good internet connection am i doing something wrong and is there any setting with which I have to hinder to increase the speed?

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when you posted, there was a template of questions, help us to help you and answer most of them.

and which version of rclone browser?

Hi the Version of rclone is 1.8.0

so kapitainsky's version.

For a few large files I find that using --drive-chunk-size 1024M* has the most impact (*example, you can use something smaller or larger, depending on how much available RAM you have).

How to use drive chunk in rclone browser ? Sorry i am noob

File -> Preferences -> Default rclone options

I have 8 gb ram in my pc so how driver chunk size I should use?

That's very little RAM, unfortunately. The chunk size is per file, so you can calculate how much depending on what you're uploading at the time. By default, rclone uploads four files at a time.

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