How to ignore renamed destination files while rclone copying

Can some one help me to understand how we can ignore copying the same content file with different filename while rclone copying?
I have a scenario in which copied files in the destination gets renamed.But in the further runs of rclone copy, original files are again getting copied and i wanted to ignore it if the destination has same content file in different name.

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Tried track-renames, but it is not working as expected. My requirement is to ignore the renamed files to get copied in the destination

I have a schedule for rclone copy job which copies files from sourceA to DestinationA. In the first run sourceA/test.txt get copied to DestinationA/test.txt. After that i will rename the DestinationA/test.txt to DestinationA/test_xxxx.txt. In the next rclone schedule i don't want the sourceA/test.txt to get copied to DestinationA again, since i have the content already in the destination with name DestinationA/test_xxxx.txt .
Could you please help me to identify how i can achieve it with rclone itself?

I don't think you can do that with a single rclone command, you will need to make a script to do the matching yourself or utilize some extra knowledge about the copy/renaming workflow.

To make a script you could use something like rclone hashsum to identify the identical files and then use --filter-from to filter out the files already present.

There may also be other solutions if you give us all the information in the help and support template (e.g. the backend and config you are using) and also tell some more about you specific use case (so we can see if tricks like --max-age is a possibility)

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